Yagluth is the fifth and final boss in Valheim. Yagluth is a massive skeletal king that is summoned in the Plains biome with Fuling Totems. You will need to raid many Fuling Camps to get the 5 totems needed to summon Yagluth.

As of the latest patch (Feb 25, 2021), Yagluth is by far the most difficult boss in the game. Yagluth is resistant to most damage types, takes near-zero damage from arrows, and deals enough damage to annihilate players in one or two attacks.

Summoning Items5 Fuling Totem (required)
Weapons2 Draugr Fangs,
600 Arrows (Obsidian or better),
ArmorPadded Armor
FoodLox Meat Pie,
Serpent Stew,
Fish Wraps
PotionsFire Resistance Barley Wine,
Medium Healing Mead,
Medium Stamina Mead

You will need to prepare many items to take on Yagluth. End-game food is a must, you will need potions and tons of weaponry. Yagluth has a ridiculous amount of health and will kill instakill anyone under 100hp.

Fire resistance barley wine is almost required to fight Yagluth because the burning damage Yagluth inflicts is 100x more powerful than anything you’ve faced before — the burning damage is more dangerous than the attacks themselves. You will also want to bring several highly-upgraded backup bows and 600 high-quality arrows (no joke) to kill Yagluth with archery.

Yagluth Strategy


Yagluth has three well-rounded attacks that will pressure you regardless of your distance from Yagluth. The three attacks are:

  • Fire Bomb
  • Lava Beam
  • Meteor Barrage

Fire Bomb

Yagluth will raise a hand into the air, summon an orb of fire, and slam it into the ground. The resulting explosion has a decent range and leaves behind magical fire that lingers for a few seconds.

Lava Beam

Yagluth lifts up and opens its glowing mouth. Yagluth then spews a long-range beam of molten fluid. It is a wide ray that deals massive damage and will destroy objects and terrain.

Meteor Barrage

By far Yagluth’s most dangerous ability is the Meteor Barrage. Yagluth will raise a fist to the sky beckoning a barrage of meteors to fall around a single target. The meteors descend one-after-another, with later projectiles adjusting to the new position of Yagluth’s target.

The meteors deal high damage and inflict an insane burning condition that deals an absolutely absurd amount of damage. You can use the massive stones surrounding Yagluth’s summoning altar to defend yourself — do not get hit by this attack.

How to Defeat Yagluth

Yagluth has no particular weakness except that Yagluth is very slow. However, as of the latest changes (Feb 25, 2021), Yagluth is resistant to all arrows and has tons of health. This makes Yagluth almost impossible to kill with archery.

For now, the safest strategy is to bring a boatload of arrows and the fastest strategy is to use a weapon with spirit damage such as Frostner.

We expect there to be changes to Yagluth’s difficulty over coming patches and will update this section anytime something changes.

Updated on March 19, 2021

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