Wolves are found roaming in packs on the mountains. They drop pelts and fangs which are used in high-level crafting. You can detect wolves early by listening carefully; wolves start howling from a far distance, long before they aggro you (all howls come from real wolves; there are no ambient sound-effects for wolves howling).

Wolves are particularly vulnerable to stagger. They spend twice as much time staggered compared to other enemies which makes weapons with high knockback extra effective.

DropsWolf Pelt,
*This is a tactical weakness not a damage-type weakness


Wolves are the most dangerous creature in the mountains. A single wolf is not very threatening, but a pack of wolves can be deadly. Use knockback often and try to find a flat area to engage wolves because they have no trouble fighting at an angle, where you will be unable to retaliate.

Stagger is extremely powerful against wolves.


Wolves have only one attack, a basic bite attack. Be careful, because the attack has good range and they move very quickly. Unlike most monsters in the game, wolves can catch up to you and attack before you leave their melee range because their attack animation is so fast.

You will find it extremely difficult to flee from multiple wolves and will need to use rocks, ledges, and other techniques to evade them — simply running usually isn’t good enough.

Watch out for 1-star and 2-star wolves. They deal far more damage.

Fighting a Pack

To fight a pack of wolves you need good communication or AOE attacks. If you’re alone, try relocating to advantageous terrain where you can’t be surrounded. A wide flat area with no cover is your worst nightmare against a pack of wolves.

Tips for each weapon type fighting solo:

  • Axes can cleave and hit multiple targets, but their lack of knockback makes them weak against a pack of wolves.
  • Bows are great for pulling wolves away from the pack. You can aggro one wolf at a time from a distance. Wolves run fast, so be ready to swap to melee.
  • Clubs can cleave and hit multiple wolves at once, just make sure you don’t get eaten while you attack.
  • Knives will make fleeing a more viable option because you can counter-attack more easily while on the move.
  • Polearms are particularly effective because they have an AOE stagger that checks all the boxes.
  • Spears are good when thrown, but their short-range melee is going to be difficult to land on the uneven terrain.
  • Swords will cut through wolves pretty quick and the special attack is okay for singling out one wolf, but the slow wind-up could be dangerous.

With a friend, you can have one player kite the wolves around while the other attacks them — tower shields make this much easier. However, we find it easier to go on the offensive so that the wolves have to move through attacks to reach you. You can kill or stagger them before they reach your party if you have good weapons.

Updated on March 14, 2021

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