Wolf Armor


Wolf Armor is the fifth armor set unlocked in Valheim and provides tons of armor. You will want to craft the tunic or cape as soon as possible because it protects you from Freezing in the Mountains. Before exploring the Mountains, you will need to use Frost Resistance Mead or a ton of campfires (not recommended).

You will need to defeat Bonemass and gather silver before you can craft Wolf Armor. It provides much more armor than Iron Armor and can be achieved relatively quickly after reaching the Iron Age.

One huge problem with this armor set is that it requires 2 Drake Trophies to craft. Drakes have an extremely low drop-rate on their trophies and many players have needed to kill hundreds of drakes before getting a single trophy. If you’re finding this to be the case, we recommend that you skip the Drake Helmet entirely.

Armor Pieces

IconItem NameArmorMovement SpeedEffectRecipe
Drake Helmet2020 Silver,
2 Wolf Pelt,
2 Drake Trophy
Wolf Armor Chest20-5%Resistance: Frost20 Silver,
5 Wolf Pelt,
1 Chain
Wolf Armor Legs20-5%20 Silver,
5 Wolf Pelt,
4 Wolf Fang
Wolf Fur Cape1Resistance: Frost4 Silver,
6 Wolf Pelt,
1 Wolf Trophy
Updated on March 15, 2021

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