Types of Damage

In Valheim, there are multiple damage types classified as either physical or elemental.

Various creatures in the game are weak and/or resistant to specific types of damage. Since your Skills are tied to your weapon, most people won’t be swapping weapons based on their target’s resistances. You will simply have to deal with what’s thrown at you.

A party skilled in a wide range of weaponry will be well-suited to fight all kinds of enemies (and look cool doing it).

Physical DamageElemental Damage
Pierce + SlashSpirit
Damage types in Valheim, categorized by physical or elemental.

Modifiers and Effects

  • Backstab: Multiplies damage when the target is unaware (sneak-attack).
  • Knockback: Pushes enemies on-hit.

Weapons and Damage Type

Type of WeaponType of Damage
KnivesPierce + Slash
*Pickaxes only technically count as weapons.

Melee Weapons

There are a few decisions to make when choosing a melee weapon. Weapons have additional attributes and each has its pros and cons. Generally speaking, two-handed weapons deal more damage and have particularly powerful special attacks; one-handed weapons are fast and let you carry a shield — balancing offensive and defensive capabilities.

Types of Wielding

  • One-Handed (1H)
  • Two-Handed (2H)

Special Attacks

  • 1H Club: Power Attack that deals bonus damage.
  • 2H Club: Ground Slam with AOE damage (has no other attack).
  • Knives: Leaping two-handed overhead stab.
  • Polearms: Whirlwind with AOE knockback.
  • Spears: Throw the Spear; it can be recovered.
  • Swords: Lunge that deals bonus damage and staggers.

Ranged Weapons

Valheim only has one proper ranged weapon, the ultra-versatile Bow. You need Arrows to use the Bow and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some arrows even apply elemental damage such as Poison.

You can find a comprehensive table of Bows and Arrows on their respective page.


Blocking is a huge part of combat in Valheim. Some players will use shields which greatly improve the ability to block and parry. The first shield (Wood Shield) is accessible right at the beginning of the game and there are upgraded versions that can be crafted as you progress.

Updated on March 15, 2021

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