Turnips are a mid-game food item that you can cook into Turnip Stew. It’s an easy way to get lots of extra health and stamina. You will find your first Turnip Seeds in the Swamp, you can replant the seeds in your farm.

After a few harvests, you can have a huge turnip crop that will keep your stew supply topped off at all times. Since the only other ingredient in turnip stew is raw meat, you can easily craft lots of good food — and it doesn’t require Thistles, unlike Sausages.

You already know how important good food is in Valheim, but there are only a few food items that are good and cheap. Turnips are very easy to gather and a couple of fields can easily yield 50 – 100 turnips every two days. We recommend players get a turnip field started as soon as they find their first seeds in the swamp.

Turnips cannot be eaten raw, unlike carrots.

Seed Icon
Can be TeleportedYes


IconFood ItemRecipe
Turnip Stew1 Raw Meat,
1 Turnip
Updated on October 20, 2021

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