Trolls are huge, their attacks cannot be blocked easily, and their attacks will hit anything in the area. Trolls are part of the Grey Clan and are allied with Greylings, Greydwarfs, Greydwarf Brutes, and Greydwarf Shamans. They can easily fell trees and demolish structures, so be careful not to lead them back to your base!

LocationBlack Forest,
Troll Cave
Drops5 Troll Hide,
Troll Trophy,

Troll Strategy

It’s easiest to kill trolls by kiting them with a Bow. Just keep chipping away at their health and don’t run out of stamina. Their attacks look huge, but you don’t have to be too far away to avoid damage. We recommend you bring a friend when facing trolls. It will make things much safer.

Troll Attacks

  • Smash (melee)
  • Swing (melee)
  • Rock-Throw (ranged)

Trolls will mostly chase you around and use a smash or swing attack. These melee attacks can easily one-shot trees and you’ll have to keep an eye out for environmental hazards. You can actually use trolls to fell trees that are too hard and gain access to rare wood before entering the Bronze Age. It’s also a refreshing way to go woodcutting if you’re up for the risk :).

Trolls will prioritize melee attacks when you’re within range or fairly close. Once you get too far, they will start using their rock-throw attack intermittently as they continue closing the distance. For this reason, tanks should try to stay close to the troll and otherwise you should watch out when the troll reaches down to grab a rock.

Troll Dangers

It’s pretty obvious that these guys do massive damage.

They will obliterate even well-equipped adventurers. So, you should probably have lots of good Food and strong Armor before letting a troll get within melee range. The hard part, you’ll notice, is they’re actually pretty fast.

Kiting a troll will require a lot of work. Their attacks are slower than most and will give you some time to create some distance between you and the troll, but they move quickly and don’t give you much time to strike.

Be careful of running out of stamina because you’re probably going to need to jump over some fallen logs and boulders while kiting it all over the Black Forest. We recommend you be extra conservative with your attacks and prioritize maintaining your stamina over dealing extra damage.

Updated on March 18, 2021

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