Troll Cave

Troll Caves are big caves with a troll in them — pretty self-explanatory. Trolls are especially dangerous in their cave because all troll caves are small. You will have very little room to maneuver around the troll during combat. If things get dicey, you can always leave the cave and the troll will not follow you.

BiomeBlack Forest
MonstersUp to 1 Troll
Yellow Mushroom,
Bone Fragments,

Troll Cave Strategies

We recommend bringing a friend when entering troll caves and always try to unleash a volley of sneak attacks. The normal troll fighting strategy (kiting) doesn’t work because the cave is too small.

The easiest way to defeat a troll in its troll cave is to use one person as the tank, dodging the troll’s huge attacks, while the rest of the party sits by the entrance and uses ranged weapons. Make sure everyone has eaten plenty of food and is hearty enough to take at least one full attack. If your tank gets hit, someone should be ready to swap in.

The Tank’s Role

As the tank, you will have the hardest job in a troll cave.

After the sneak attack volley, you need to close the distance and get in the troll’s face as quickly as possible. The more room you have to fall back during the fight, the easier your job will be.

You’re going to try and dodge-roll each of the troll’s attacks — using the few moments you’re invulnerable (i-frames) to survive. It telegraphs attacks pretty early and you’ll have plenty of warning, timing is the only challenge. I have found success starting the dodge-roll right as the troll’s attack is about halfway.

The space you covered at the beginning of the encounter is your buffer zone. You can back up just enough to avoid the troll attacks while regaining stamina. Depending on the space you have, you may have to go past the troll and lead it to the back of the troll cave.

Be very wary of your stamina and stay patient. You probably won’t be able to attack the troll and keep your stamina up at the same time. Just wait for your party to kill the troll and keep dodging.

The DPS’s Role

As the DPS, your job is pretty easy.

At the beginning of the encounter, your whole party should prepare a sneak-attack volley. You have ~1/2 second after the first sneak-attack hits to deliver successive sneak-attacks. So, it’s best to draw back your bows and loose at the same time.

The fight after the opening volley is pretty simple for the DPS role. You just keep loosing arrows and don’t let your stamina hit zero. If you stagger the troll, everyone should attack as fast as possible to deliver maximum damage.

Soloing a Troll Cave

Trolls are much easier when you can divert their aggro or kite them. Soling a troll in it’s cave is quite dangerous, but with proper preparation, you’ll be fine.

Bring your best food, a full set of Bronze Armor, and your choice of weapon — pierce is most effective. Here’s me soloing a troll cave with the recommended equipment:

Equipment Used:

Updated on March 13, 2021

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