Haldor, The Trader

The trader is an enterprising Dwarf (dverger) happy to exchange valuables for unique items. He will sell you the Megingjord, Fishing Pole, and more. His wares can only be purchased with coin and you can sell other valuables to him in exchange for coin.

You’ll find the trader out in the Black Forest aways from the spawn altar. He doesn’t travel, so you’ll have to go find him. After you find the trader, you’ll see a bag icon on the map.

Haldor can spawn in any Black Forest biome which is at least 1500 meters away from the world center. His icon (a bag) will appear on the map when you’re getting close.

His camp is protected by a spherical force-field that repels enemies. You will see a tamed Lox beside the trader’s base and a cartful of goods. Haldor is friendly and will be happy to see you.

Note: You can’t build inside of his force-field.

Items for Sale

IconItem NameCostUse
Yule Hat100 CoinsFashion
Dverger Circlet620 Coins Casts light in front of your character
Megingjord950 Coins Increases inventory carry weight limit by 150
Ymir Flesh120 Coins Needed to craft Frostner and Iron Sledge
Fishing Rod350 Coins Used to catch fish, which can be cooked for food
Fishing Bait x5010 Coins Used to catch fish when combined with the fishing rod
Thunder Stone50 CoinsUsed to make the Obliterator (aka Trash Can)

Dverger Circlet

The Dverger Circlet is basically a headlamp. It provides poor armor but shines light around you. This makes it quite useful for mining, nighttime expeditions, and dungeoneering.


Megingjord is a belt, and it’s a game-changer. Megingjord raises your maximum carrying capacity by 150 (that’s a 50% increase!) and you should buy it as soon as possible. All types of gathering become easier and more efficient with an increased weight limit.

Exchange Rate Table

If you have been collecting your valuables, Haldor is the only way you can utilize them. You can sell your valuable items for coins. The exchange rate for each of the items are as follows:

IconItemCoins per Single Item
Amber5 Coins
Amber Pearl10 Coins
Ruby20 Coins
Silver Necklace30 Coins
Updated on November 2, 2021

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