Tin is one of the first metals you will gather in Valheim. It’s found by the water in the Black Forest and is forged with Copper to make Bronze. You will need an Antler Pickaxe to start gathering tin.

Tin is easy to spot because it is much shinier than stone deposits. Tin deposits can be found near streams, rivers, oceans, and any other type of water in the Black Forest. The best place to mine tin is in marshy areas with lots of shallow water.

Tin deposits will not respawn, the same for all metals in Valheim.

Can be TeleportedNo
RequiresAntler Pickaxe
Used InBronze,

While copper spawns in massive deposits, Tin deposits are only one piece and the entire node is destroyed at once. However, it’s much easier to mine tin because you get several tin from every node.

Pro Tip: Mining from above deals more damage and destroys nodes faster. See the video on the Pickaxes page.

There is an advanced technique that makes it possible to gather tin before you have a pickaxe called Troll Labor.

Updated on October 20, 2021

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