Swords are a contender for the best overall weapon type in Valheim. They have a quick slash attack and a special attack that staggers. The sword has a 3-attack combo when using the primary attack and the special attack is a lunge.

You can craft the first sword starting in the Bronze Age and paired with a good shield, swordsmen are super effective.

Type of DamageSlash

Attacking with Swords

Basic Attack Combo

Swords have a fast 3-attack combo. It will cause you to travel forward while swinging, similar to most other weapons.

Special Attack

Swords have a powerful special attack:

  • Lunge that deals bonus damage and staggers.

The lunge is pretty quick and can be used in concert with the 1-2-3 basic attack combo. Starting a combo with the lunge will make quick work of weaker enemies.

Table of Swords

IconItem NameDamageBackstab MultiplierKnockback
Bronze SwordSlash: 353x40
Iron SwordSlash: 553x40
Silver SwordSlash: 75,
Spirit: 30
Blackmetal SwordSlash: 953x40

Notice that the Silver Sword actually deals more total damage than the Blackmetal Sword due to the Spirit damage, but the Blackmetal Sword has higher physical damage.

Swords Skill

Swords is a skill in Valheim which improves your character’s effectiveness when using weapons in the sword family. Improving the swords skill will make you deal more damage with swords. Click to learn more about Skills.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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