The Swamp biome is home to all sorts of undead and the third Boss in Valheim, Bonemass. Swamps are more challenging than other biomes because you will always be Wet, reducing your stamina regeneration. When you start looking for Iron, you’re going to need to head to the Swamp with a Swamp Key.

Draugr Elite,
Body Pile,
Evil Bone Pile,
FloraAncient Tree,
Guck Tree,
Turnip Seeds
ResourcesAncient Bark,
Scrap Iron
Points of InterestAbandoned Structure
LocationsSunken Crypts

Swamps are home to several unique creatures, most notably gelatinous Blobs, and Leeches. You will encounter Poison constantly throughout the Swamp and it’s a good idea to stay well-fed and bring decent Armor.

Like other biomes, the Swamp gets extra dangerous at night, especially because you’ll be Cold and Wet. Wraiths will spawn at night and in general, more monsters will rise out of the darkness.

Sunken Crypts are the dungeons you will find in the Swamp and you will need to conquer many of them to get Scrap Iron which can be smelted into Iron.

It’s a smart idea to build an outpost in the Swamp in-case you die to this challenging biome and it’s basically a requirement when you want to start tackling the Sunken Crypts.

Gathering Resources

Ancient Bark

Ancient Bark is a common drop from Ancient Trees. Once you start chopping down a few, you’ll discover that it’s plentiful and you will quickly have more than enough.

Scrap Iron

Scrap Iron can be smelted into Iron at a 1:1 ratio. You’ll find it in the Sunken Crypts, which you can learn more about on the page specifically for Sunken Crypts. Sunken Crypts are by far the biggest source of Scrap Iron. Muddy Scrap Piles are also buried in the Swamp but you will need a Wishbone to find them.


Some of the trees in the Swamp will have glowing green clumps stuck to them. That’s Guck. You can’t chop down the trees and you can’t damage the Guck deposits with arrows. To gather it, you’ll need to build your way up to it and destroy the clump with a melee weapon.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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