Surtling Invasion

A Surtling Invasion is signaled by a message stating “The smell of sulfur fills the air.” Afterward, an army of Surtlings will pour over the hills lighting up the night as they charge.

Surtlings are constantly engulfed in flames and will hurl fireballs as their only attack. The fireballs can quickly damage wooden structures. Surtling fireballs also have some serious knockback and will push you away if you’re trying to get within melee range.

The surtling invasion is a Boss Army that serves Yagluth. These invasions will stop happening after Yagluth is defeated.

Invasions can only begin when you’re near a base.

MessageCreaturesStarts AfterStops After
“The smell of sulfur fills the air.”SurtlingDefeating ModerDefeating Yagluth
Updated on March 17, 2021

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