Surtling Farm

Surtling Farms are a great way to get lots of Surtling Cores and Charcoal. They are made by taking advantage of a weakness of Surtlings.

Surtling farms are an advanced technique that is extremely easy to implement.

Fire Geysers spawn surtlings and the geysers themselves only spawn in the Swamp and water is everywhere. Surtlings will extinguish and die when they touch water.

CreatureSpawnerSpawn RateSpawn Count
SurtlingFire Geyser300s3-5 Surtlings
Surtling Farm Stats

To build a surtling farm, simply use a pickaxe to terraform the earth around a flame geyser so that it’s shallow standing water. It doesn’t need to be very large because surtlings spawn very close to the flames.

Once this is complete, surtlings will spawn and fall into the water, dying instantly. They will drop a constant supply of charcoal and surtling cores. The respawn rate is 300s or 5 minutes, so you’ll want to occupy yourself nearby or find a safe way to go AFK while you wait.

You cannot leave the vicinity or the surtlings will stop spawning.

Updated on March 17, 2021

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