Stone Golem

Stone Golems are giant, aggravating monster in the mountains of Valheim. They are super tanky and drop nothing worth looting. You will probably be harassed by stone golems while trying to mine silver.

Stone golems slumber in piles of rocks that will magically animate when you approach. It’s pretty common to accidentally stumble upon a sleeping stone golem.

Drakes and stone golems are enemies and will attack each other on sight. The stone golems seem to be resistant to drake attacks and the drakes fly outside the stone golems’ effective range. Their battles are often long and futile.

The easiest way to kill them is with a Bow and good Arrows, but they take very little damage from piercing and will happily eat up a full stack of arrows. We recommend avoiding stone golems whenever possible because there’s essentially no reward for killing them.




Stone golems spawn in two variants. One has big boulders for hands, the other has sharp spikes for hands.


Stone golems have some of the longest wind-ups in Valheim. This makes them more challenging to parry but easier to dodge. However, they also have the longest-range melee attacks in the game. When meleeing, you can move behind a stone golem while it prepares to attack.

These are the three attacks:

  • Stab Attack
  • Sweeping Attack
  • Overhead Smash

Stab Attack

The golem will pull one arm almost straight back and, robotically, pause for a moment before quickly launching its arm forward and extending a stone shard a long distance.

Sweeping Attack

The golem will rotate and lift up its arm, pause for a moment, and then throw its arm forward in a huge sweeping motion that deals lots of knockback and will send you flying out of range.

Overhead Smash

The golem will lift one or both of its arms into the air and smash down, extending its arms further than you’d expect.

Updated on March 15, 2021

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