Spirit damage is a special elemental damage type that is inflicted by Silver weapons. It’s the damage undead creatures take from pure silver.

Just like vampires and werewolves in other fantasy worlds, the undead of Valheim can’t stand silver, but everything else is completely immune to it.

All living creatures are completely immune to spirit. All undead creatures receive spirit damage and burn with spirit fire for additional damage-over-time. Try slicing a few skeletons with a Silver Sword and you’ll see what spirit fire looks like yourself (video down below 😉).

These are all the items in the game that can inflict spirit damage:

Item NameCrafting Recipe
Frostner10 Ancient Bark,
5 Freeze Gland,
30 Silver,
5 Ymir Flesh
Silver ArrowsFeathers,
Silver SwordIron,
Leather Scraps,
40 Silver,

Unfortunately, spirit damage is not especially powerful because of when you can craft silver weapons. The effect would be more useful earlier in the game.

Once you have reached the mountains and craft silver armor, undead enemies are much easier. There are no undead enemies in the Plains or any of the biomes after. Future visits to the Swamp will be even easier for players with spirit weapons though.

Spirit Damage Burns Enemies with Spirit Fire

Silver weapons will apply spirit damage and burn undead enemies with spirit fire. Spirit fire is light blue and applies a damage-over-time condition similar to the burning applied by fire damage.

Updated on October 18, 2021

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