Spears are the most popular weapon of history — Valheim is no exception. These pointy sticks can be used with a shield and thrown. You can craft your first spear early in the game and it will be effective enough to carry you straight into the Bronze Age.

Players that choose to continue using spears will find a new tier is available at every step of progression through Valheim. The usage of the spear will never change and the throw charge combo will be effective against most monsters.

Type of DamagePierce

Table of Spears

IconItem NameDamageType of DamageBackstab MultiplierKnockback
Flint Spear20Pierce3x20
Bronze Spear35Pierce3x20
Ancient Bark Spear55Pierce3x20
Fang Spear70Pierce2x20
Abyssal Harpoon10Pierce1x20

Spear Attacks

Basic Attack

Spears do not have a combo and do not move you forward while attacking. Your basic attack can be spammed very quickly and doesn’t consume much stamina. It’s made to allow you to stab the sh*t out of anything you stagger.

Special Attack

Spears all have one essential special attack:

Throwing your spear seems foolish until you try it the first time. A thrown spear has tons of bonus knockback and will instantly stagger some enemies. The obvious follow-up is to charge forward, retrieve your spear, and deliver a critical hit.

This combo is enough to defeat every enemy during the beginning of the game and with a sneak attack, you can drop end-game monsters too.

The Abyssal Harpoon is a unique weapon that does low damage but attaches a rope on-hit and will start reeling the target in. This will drain your stamina, so make sure you have plenty before attempting to use it. It’s mostly used when hunting Sea Serpents.

Spears Skill

Spears is a skill in Valheim which improves your character’s effectiveness when using weapons in the spear family. Improving the spears skill will make you deal more damage with spears. Click to learn more about Skills.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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