Silver is the third metal tier in Valheim. You acquire silver after defeating Bonemass and heading to the Mountains with a Wishbone. You will need an Iron Pickaxe to mine silver.

With silver, you can craft the Wolf Armor set and a few select weapons. Bronze and Iron allowed you to create every weapon-type in Valheim, but silver is only used in a few weapon recipes. However, it is used in Frostner, the best weapon in the game.

Can be TeleportedNo
RequiresIron Pickaxe,
Used In (items)Draugr Fang,
Fang Spear,
Linen Cape,
Lox Cape,
Silver Arrow,
Silver Shield,
Silver Sword,
Wolf Armor
Used In (structures) Butcher’s Table
Treasure Chest

You need silver to craft the best bow, spear, and club in the game.

Silver is refined in a normal Smelter but it’s the last metal you can refine without needing a Blast Furnace.

Mining Silver

Silver is one of the hardest metals to gather in Valheim. Luckily, you don’t need nearly as much silver as you need Iron. Silver is extremely heavy and you will be constantly harassed by the monsters in the mountains.

We recommend avoiding Stone Golems because they’re tough to kill and drop nothing of value. The Drakes won’t be too dangerous, but they will interfere with you the most often. Wolves are the only real danger. If a few wolves jump into the hole you’re mining in, it can be deadly.

Silver deposits drop more stone than other nodes and will quickly overwhelm your storage capacity. We recommend crafting a few chests or bringing a cart to allow you to efficiently mine large silver deposits.

Updated on October 25, 2021

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