Silver Sword

The Silver Sword is one of the best weapons in Valheim. It deals tons of damage, has huge durability, and swords have a great set of abilities. The silver sword deals spirit damage which is effective against undead monsters such as Skeletons and Draugr. This will make future trips to the swamp much easier.

The Silver Sword requires the most metals to craft in the game. It will really drain your supplies to craft and upgrade your trusty blade. If you’re already venturing into the Plains and killing Fulings, you might want to avoid upgrading your silver sword too much.

Since the spirit damage is most effective against undead, most players will find the Blackmetal Sword to be more effective for general use.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge5 Iron,
3 Leather Scraps,
40 Silver,
2 Wood

Silver Sword Statblock

Block Armor30
Parry Bonus2x
Stamina12 (Primary Attack)
24 (Secondary Attack)
Movement Speed-5%
Attack Speed2.46 s (Primary Attack)
1.84 s (Secondary Attack)

Silver Sword Upgrade Table

DamageSlash: 75,
Spirit: 30
Slash: 81,
Spirit: 35
Slash: 87,
Spirit: 40
Slash: 93,
Spirit: 45
Block Force (Blocking Knockback)20253035
Recipe5 Iron,
3 Leather Scraps,
40 Silver,
2 Wood
3 Iron,
1 Leather Scraps,
20 Silver,
1 Wood
6 Iron,
2 Leather Scraps,
40 Silver,
2 Wood
9 Iron,
3 Leather Scraps,
60 Silver,
3 Wood
Crafting Station Level3456
Repair Station Level3333
Updated on October 22, 2021

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