Silver Shield

The Silver Shield is a Round Shield that you can craft in Valheim. It’s a direct upgrade from the Banded Shield and has no alternative Tower Shield. The silver shield is the most elegant-looking shield in the game.

For players who skipped the banded shield and stuck with a Bronze Buckler, the silver shield will be your next upgrade that provides stronger parrying, even with only a 1.5x parry bonus, due to a higher base block power.

You can craft yourself a silver shield after defeating Bonemass and heading into the Mountains to mine Silver.

The next round shield upgrade is the Blackmetal Shield.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge10 Fine Wood,
8 Silver

Silver Shield Statblock

Movement Speed-5%
Parry Bonus1.5x

Silver Shield Upgrade Table

For more info on how blocking works, check out the Blocking page.

Block Armor606672
Block Force (Knockback)404550
Parry Block Armor9099162
Recipe10 Fine Wood,
8 Silver
10 Fine Wood,
4 Silver
20 Fine Wood,
8 Silver
Crafting Station Level345
Repair Station Level333

Shield Designs

Updated on October 22, 2021

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