Serpent Scale Shield

The Serpent Scale Shield is a difficult piece of equipment to acquire in Valheim. You will need to harpoon a few Sea Serpents to make one because their scales don’t float. The serpent scale shield is a tower shield and you cannot parry with it.

However, it has a lower movement speed penalty than other tower shields. This shield fits between the Iron Tower Shield and Blackmetal Tower Shield in terms of strength.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge10 Fine Wood,
4 Iron,
8 Serpent Scale

You cannot change the decorative style of a serpent scale shield.

Serpent Scale Shield Statblock

Movement Speed-15%
Resistance Pierce

Serpent Scale Shield Upgrade Table

For more info on how blocking works, check out the Blocking page.

Block Armor606672
Block Force (Knockback)100105110
Recipe10 Fine Wood,
4 Iron,
8 Serpent Scale
10 Fine Wood,
2 Iron,
4 Serpent Scale
20 Fine Wood,
4 Iron,
8 Serpent Scale
Crafting Station Level345
Repair Station Level333
Updated on October 22, 2021

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