Sea Serpent

Sea Serpents are hostile monsters found in the Oceans of Valheim. They’re the bane of low-level adventurers but a late-game delicacy. You will find sea serpents in deep water. They will also spawn near land (such as a channel or straight) as long as they can spawn in the deep water.

You will have a hard time fleeing from a sea serpent unless you have a Longship. Instead, you should fill it with arrows. Sea serpents become fearful once they’ve lost half of their health and will try to escape. If you’re hunting the serpent, you can chase it down or use a harpoon to reel it in and finish it off.

DropsSerpent Meat,
Serpent Scales

Serpent Meat is extremely heavy but somehow floats. It also can be cooked into the best food in Valheim.

Serpent Scales are a rare drop, but most importantly, they do not float. You will have to harpoon a serpent and drag it into shallow water to have any chance of recovering scales.

Fighting a Sea Serpent

Updated on March 15, 2021

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