Portals are the quickest way to traverse the map in Valheim. Two portals can be linked anywhere in the world with a unique tag. There’s a catch though: You can’t teleport with ores or metal. This means you are forced to transport all metals by foot or by sailing.

Portals are a structure and require a Hammer and Workbench to place. You’ll need to collect some Surtling Cores before you can start placing portals. This means no portals can be constructed before you defeat some Burial Chambers.

Only 2 portals can be connected. Additional portals with the same tag will not work.

Crafting Recipe10 Greydwarf Eye,
20 Fine Wood,
2 Surtling Core
Crafting StationWorkbench

Portals have a front and back. The side with runes is the front and should not be placed against a wall. If you place a portal facing into a wall, players will clip through the wall and spawn outside. Depending on your base, that could be pretty bad 🙂

We recommend constructing a portal room to every boss location. Then, if you die, you can always teleport right back. They’re also very helpful on distant voyages because you can return to base to repair your items at your upgraded workbench and forge.

Portal Usage

Updated on March 14, 2021

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