Porcupine is an end-game club in Valheim that competes with Frostner for your favor. Porcupine deals both Blunt and Pierce damage. It is one of the few weapons in Valheim with multiple physical damage types and the combination of blunt and pierce will ensure Porcupine is effective against (almost) any monster you’re fighting.

Porcupine is extremely cheap to upgrade which makes it very reasonable to switch over to Porcupine once you’ve defeated Moder and then, upgrade it to max (though you’ll need a level 7 forge).

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge5 Fine Wood,
20 Iron,
10 Linen Thread,
5 Needle

Porcupine Statblock

Knockback90 (Primary Attack)
180 (Secondary Attack)
Block Armor39
Parry Bonus2x
Stamina14 (Primary Attack)
28 (Secondary Attack)
Movement Speed-5%
Attack Speed2.46 s (Primary Attack)
1.72 s (Secondary Attack)

Porcupine Upgrade Table

DamageBlunt: 50,
Pierce: 45
Blunt: 50,
Pierce: 51
Blunt: 50,
Pierce: 57
Blunt: 50,
Pierce: 63
Block Force (Blocking Knockback)30354045
Recipe5 Fine Wood,
20 Iron,
10 Linen Thread,
5 Needle
2 Iron,
2 Needle
4 Iron,
4 Needle
6 Iron,
6 Needle
Crafting Station Level4567
Repair Station Level4444
Updated on October 25, 2021

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