Polearms in Valheim have long reach and an awesome special attack. They are all two-handed and cannot be used with a shield. You will have to get used to dodging because their block and parry attributes aren’t great.

The first polearm is the Bronze Atgeir which becomes available in the Bronze Age. There is no way to raise the polearms skill beforehand, but the base stats are quite strong. At this point, you can swap over to polearms without worrying about being less effective.

Type of DamagePierce

Basic Attack Combo

All atgeirs have a 3-attack combo:

Special Attack

Polearms have a very effective special attack:

  • Whirlwind with AOE knockback.

The Whirlwind attack will knockback and stagger enemies in a circular AOE. It will instantly stagger most monsters and is incredibly useful against groups of enemies. You will be the star of the show when using this with friends.

It’s also great for harvesting

Table of Polearms

IconItem NameDamageBackstab MultiplierKnockback
Bronze AtgeirPierce: 453x30
Iron AtgeirPierce: 653x30
Blackmetal AtgeirPierce: 1053x30

Notice that there are not many intermediate steps between polearms. If you’re a polearm player, you should prioritize getting the next tier which will give you a significant power spike.

Polearms Skill

Polearms is a skill in Valheim which improves your character’s effectiveness when using weapons in the polearm family. Improving the polearms skill will make you deal more damage with polearms. Click to learn more about Skills.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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