Poison is far more dangerous in Valheim than in other games. Poisons usually last 20 seconds and can easily kill well-geared adventurers. Whenever adventuring in the Swamp or Sunken Crypts, make sure to eat plenty of food and stay above ~80hp.

You can protect yourself from poison by consuming a Poison Resistance Mead, which is all but required to fight Bonemass and highly recommended for trips to the swamp biome.

Condition Icon
Condition EffectVariable DPS, depending on monster and armor
Condition Duration~18 – 20s (on average)

Dealing With Poison

It can be very dangerous to get poisoned, even with lots of health. Most poisons last 20 seconds or more and can deal over 3 damage per hit. There are only two ways to deal with poison:

Here’s what it looks like getting poisoned:

There was a bug during this patch that messed with some enemy names.

Using Poison

There are a few items that players can wield to apply poison to their enemies in Valheim. Poison is not as effective against monsters as it is against players and no monsters in the game are weak to poison.

Items that Apply Poison

Draugr Fang
Poison Arrows
Ooze Bomb
Updated on March 14, 2021

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