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Poison Resistance Mead

Poison Resistance Mead will significantly reduce incoming poison damage. Since poison is extremely dangerous in Valheim, this is a very helpful potion. If you’re ever going on long journeys into the swamp, it’s well worth fermenting a few of these.

You should 100% bring a few of these to fight Bonemass because he releases an absolutely massive poison cloud.

Crafting Recipe1 Mead Base: Poison Resistance
Makes6 Poison Resistance Mead
Base Recipe10 Honey,
10 Coal,
1 Neck Tail,
5 Thistle
Crafting StationFermenter
Crafting Time2 days
ConditionResistance: Poison (600s)

You don’t need a tankard to consume mead. You can drink your meads directly from your inventory or hotbar.

How to Craft Poison Resistance Mead

All meads are fermented. This makes them alcoholic and brings out their special properties. To ferment poison resistance mead, you need to craft the Mead Base: Poison Resistance at a cauldron. This contains all the ingredients that give you poison resistance.

Next, throw the mead base into a fermenter and wait 2 days. When you return, the fermenter will say that it’s done and you can press USE (E) to collect the meads from your fermenter. The fermenter will drain and 6 Poison Resistance Meads will pop out.

Updated on March 15, 2021

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