Plains in Valheim are beautiful but are populated with extremely dangerous enemies. You will start to encounter plains around the same time as the Swamp biome. However, the Swamp is much easier to handle than the Plains. The monsters here are fully capable of one-shotting ill-equipped adventurers. Proceed with caution.

Fuling Berserker,
Fuling Shaman
Points of InterestAbandoned Structure,
LocationsFuling Camp,
Fuling Tower


You are supposed to conquer the plains after you have a set of Wolf Armor, but many adventurers will start experimenting in the Iron Age. After a bit of practice, you can learn how to defend yourself from the deathsquitos and fulings.

Even before you’re completely ready to tackle the plains, you should think about making a few daring missions to collect cloudberries that can be used to create powerful meads.

The most feared monster in Valheim is found in the plains. Deathsquitos are small, fast, and hit like a longship. Farming deathsquitos in the plains can be dangerous but will give you needles that can be used to make the best arrows in Valheim.

The lox is also worth farming as soon as you’re ready because they drop meat that can be cooked into some of the best meat in the game. They aren’t too dangerous, but don’t let them get too close and kill them with arrows. A stack of the needle arrows will make quick work of a lox.


There are no dungeons in the plains. Instead, you will find fuling towers, fuling camps, and fuling fortresses defending the biome. All kinds of fuling camps are heavily defended and will be tough to beat for even well-equipped Vikings, but their loot is required for end-game items.

Gathering Resources


Barley is a Food item that can only be grown in the Plains and spawns in Fuling Camps. The Fulings will have several small fields growing either flax or barley. Their farms are well-defended, and you will need to slaughter the goblins or be really sneaky.


Cloudberries are the native berry of the Plains. They grow on small bushes and are lumpy, white berries (like clouds 😲). They are quite plentiful and found in large groups but are not a particularly good Food. Cloudberries are more useful in making potions and can be used to tame a Lox.


Farms in the plains need a little more protection…

Flax is found in Fuling Camps alongside barley and can be cultivated in the Plains. It’s used for lots of Black Metal crafting recipes and refined at the Spinning Wheel. You will want to start growing flax as possible or you’ll be stuck waiting for it to grow before you can craft your end-game gear.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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