Mountains are cold, formidable biomes filled with diverse monsters. You will need Frost Resistance Mead before conquering mountains. Silver and Obsidian are only found in mountains.

You can find obsidian on the surface, but you’ll need a wishbone to uncover most silver deposits. You need an iron pickaxe to mine both obsidian and silver.

Stone Golem,
FloraPine Tree,
Fir Tree
ResourcesDragon Egg,
Points of InterestAbandoned Structure

Tips and Tricks

How to Climb Steep Mountains

If your mountain is particularly steep, you can still climb it. Try rushing up the mountain and before you run out of stamina, use your pickaxe to create a foothold.

How to Survive in the Mountains

The mountains can be pretty dangerous, especially at night.

You want to listen for wolf howls, they always come from actual wolves — not an ambient sound effect. If you hear lots of howling, make sure you’re ready for a fight.

Drakes are not very dangerous unless in large groups or paired with wolves. We find it’s best to kill them as soon as possible. They have high awareness and will find you eventually; you want to make sure that doesn’t happen when you’re fighting something else.

Fenrings only spawn during night. If you’re having trouble with them, it’s best to avoid the mountains at night entirely. Watch out for their long-range leaps when you fight fenrings and give them a beat down after you dodge the leap.

Stone Golems are extremely tanky and we recommend completely avoiding them. They don’t drop any useful materials (crystals have no purpose yet) and will use up a ton of durability on your weapons.

Wolves are, in our opinion, the most dangerous creature in the mountains. They deal sporadic damage that will sometimes stagger you and other times will be just a scratch. Wolves sometimes attack in huge groups (we’ve encountered 6+ at a time) that are extremely dangerous to solo players.

Wolves are particularly vulnerable to stagger. Atgeirs and other weapons with the ability to stagger will be super-effective. When fighting a group, try to find a flat area to fight and stagger them often.

In general, fighting in the mountains is more difficult than elsewhere. The terrain is treacherous and you can easily find yourself sliding down the mountain. Valheim’s combat system makes melee fighting much more difficult in the mountains. Attacks are bound to a horizontal plane and won’t work uphill or downhill. Take this into account when choosing engagements.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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