Moder is the fourth boss in Valheim. She is a giant ice dragon that you will fight on the top of a large mountain. She is the only flying boss in the game and will rain ice on you from above. Her summoning altar is a large stone circle with three slots and an ominous chopping block.

You will need to collect three dragon eggs to summon Moder. They’re the heaviest item in Valheim and you’ll want a few friends to help you carry them up the mountain. Her summoning ritual is slightly different because you can place all the items without summoning Moder.

Just press E on the chopping block to summon Moder (you won’t have to chop any heads off).


Moder is a bit of a glass cannon. She deals tons of damage but takes a bunch herself. Use fire arrows for the best results, Moder is vulnerable to fire damage. Obsidian arrows deal more damage against Moder, but fire arrows are easier to craft. We recommend bringing a few meads in case you take a heavy hit. The stamina mead will help you stay topped off while you consume all your stamina shooting arrows.

Summoning Items3 Dragon Egg (required)
Weapons100 Fire Arrows,
OR 100 Obsidian Arrows,
Melee Weapon of Choice
ArmorWolf Armor
FoodCooked Lox Meat,
Serpent Stew,
Turnip Stew
PotionsMedium Healing Mead,
Medium Stamina Mead



Moder has three attacks, a basic attack, and two breath weapons:

  • Basic Attack
  • Frost Barrage
  • Ice Breath

Basic Attack

Moder swipes with her claw or bites you, dealing tons of damage and delivering moderate knockback. You’re going to want to avoid taking more than one of these attacks.

Frost Barrage

Moder releases a barrage of icy missiles that explode on impact. They leave large ice crystals behind that you can use as cover. This means you can actually use her own attacks against her and loose arrows from behind a well-placed crystal.

Ice Breath

Moder opens wide and breathes a massive cone of ice. Cone attacks are more dangerous at range and you will have better results sidestepping or rolling out of harm’s way if you’re closer to Moder.

When she lands, you should move to close or medium range and engage from there. We still recommend using archery because the poison will be the most effective.

How to Kill Moder

Killing Moder is only a challenge because she deals so much damage. If you have a friend that’s good at tanking, it’s time to call them up. If not, you should bring your best food and a stack of potions.

You cannot prepare the battlefield very much with Moder because she will obliterate any wooden structures or trees in her way. The best thing you can do is roll away from her frost barrage and sidestep her ice breath.

To kill her, just keep loosing fire arrows until she dies.

Roll to dodge the ice barrage and hide behind the crystals it leaves behind. When she lands, move to medium range and keep using archery. She will try and use her ice breath but you just need to roll or sidestep it. Don’t let her get in melee range, it’s not worth it.

With a bit of patience and dodging skills you’ll kill Moder and harvest her tears.

Welcome to the end-game.

Updated on November 1, 2021

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