Minor Healing Mead

Minor Healing Mead provides a small amount of health over time. You can only drink one of these potions every 2 minutes. The healing meads are better than the stamina meads and can be effective in tight situations — like being poised.

You can grab a handful of berries and head over to the cauldron to craft the mead base, which will need to be fermented for 2 days. In the end, you’ll have a stack of 6 minor healing mead.

Crafting Recipe1 Mead Base: Minor Healing Mead
Makes6 Minor Healing Mead
Base Recipe10 Honey,
10 Blueberries,
1 Dandelion,
10 Raspberries
Crafting StationFermenter
Crafting Time2 days
Condition+50 Health over time
Updated on March 15, 2021

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