We recommend saving up to purchase Megingjord as soon as possible. It is useful throughout the entire game and particularly helpful when mining. You will have to equip it to get the condition, simply having Megingjord in your inventory doesn’t do anything.

Lore: The name Megingjord is old Norse for belt + strength. Megingjörð was the belt worn by Thor and doubled his already absurd strength. Curious people can find more on Wikipedia.

Megingjord Stats Table

Condition IconImage of Megingjord condition that shows while the player is wearing Megingjord
Condition Effect+150 Carrying Weight
Haldor’s Price950 Coins

Megingjord is a powerful item and a positive condition in Valheim. It can be purchased from the Trader and grants +150 carrying weight. Megingjord costs 950 coins but is one of the best items in the game.

When you get the Wishbone, you will have to decide which item you want equipped because they occupy the same “accessory” slot.

We recommend carrying both and equipping the wishbone when you are prospecting in the mountains of Valheim. Then, once you have uncovered a couple of silver deposits, you can switch over to Megingjord to help you carry the stone and silver ore down the mountain.

When and How to Get Megingjord

Valheim tends to reward you for exploring the world after you have some Bronze Armor and can craft a Karve. The Ocean becomes much more manageable in a decent ship and with a Finewood Bow. At this point, you should take some time to explore the world, scrape the barnacles off some Krakens, and find Haldor.

Megingjord is more useful the earlier you buy it because the early-game requires lots of resources gathering. Usually, early-game players don’t have the logistical infrastructure to wheel carts across continents and Karve’s just don’t have enough storage for serious mining expeditions.

Megingjord makes it easier to transport materials and collect them in the first place. The less time you spend running back to your storage, the better.

You will have to find Haldor, the Trader to purchase Megingjord. He can spawn in any Black Forest on the map, including the edge of the world.

For some players, finding The Trader will be a huge challenge. If you haven’t found Haldor by the Late Bronze Age, it’s worth taking some time to sail around in your Karve and scout out the entire perimeter of your starting island.

Black Forests will spawn in higher density closer to the center of the map and therefore it’s more likely you’ll find Haldor there. If you have sailed the entire coastline and haven’t found Haldor, you might have to disembark and investigate some of the larger Black Forests on foot.

Haldor’s bag icon will appear on your minimap before you have actually discovered him, which makes it a little easier to find Haldor.

Once you have sailed about 1/3 the distance from your spawn island to the edge of the world (1/3 the radius, 1/6 the diameter), you may just want to give up. At this point, we recommend joining a friend’s world where they have already found Haldor. There’s no reason to beat yourself up and keep sailing around forever based on a bad-luck world seed.

Updated on March 11, 2021

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