Mead is honey-based alcohol that comes in many varieties in Valheim. All different meads are crafted with a fermenter and a cauldron. It’s the most common type of potion in Valheim and is first available in the Bronze Age.

The meads in Valheim, are extremely useful. They are almost required for solo gameplay and will make even the most dangerous journeys much safer. We recommend getting your mead infrastructure up and running early because you will need it to fight Bonemass. Our daily carry is medium healing mead and medium stamina mead.

All meads and wines are created from a mead or wine base. You take the mead base to the fermenter and it ferments for 2 days. Then, you can collect the mead from your fermenter and you will receive 6 stacks.

Fun Fact: Mead, also know as honey-wine, has been made for over 9000 years and is thought to be the first alcohol humans created.

Table of Mead and Wine

Name of ItemEffects
Tasty MeadStamina Regeneration
Minor Stamina MeadStamina (near-instant)
Medium Stamina MeadStamina (near-instant),
Stamina Regeneration
Minor Healing MeadHealth Regeneration
Medium Healing MeadHealth Regeneration
Frost Resistance MeadResistance: Frost
Poison Resistance MeadResistance: Poison
Fire Resistance Barley WineResistance: Fire
Updated on March 1, 2021

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