The Lox is a huge wildlife creature found in the Plains. Loxen are extremely tanky and can actually be tamed. It drops delicious Lox Meat and Lox Pelts. Loxen are less hostile than most monsters in Valheim.

The lox will not attack unless you get very close or attack it, and after a lox is aggroed on you, it will waver between fleeing or attacking. They are hesitant about fighting in the first place and will only fully commit when you stay within melee range.

DropsLox Meat,
Lox Pelt,

Cooked Lox Meat is one of the best food items in the game and later, can be made into the best food item in Valheim.

Arrows and pierce weapons like the polearms are capable of penetrating the thick hide of a lox.

Vikings can enter the plains before their armor or weapons are quite ready for the task. If you are in the plains with Iron Armor, expect to receive big hits, and likewise, your weapons are going to hurt creatures in the plains less than the swamp or black forest.

Killing loxen is one of the few things worth doing in the plains before you have defeated Moder. The plains biome is going to be much more manageable with wolf armor (made with silver) and even easier with padded armor.

Lox Strategy

Lox Attacks

  • Bite (melee)
  • Stomp (melee, AOE)

Loxen don’t seem to particularly favor either of their attacks and you should be prepared to deal with both. Both of its attacks will deal massive damage, but the bite seems to deal more damage, while the stomp is harder to dodge.

Fighting a Lox is all about patience. They’re so incredibly tanky that fighting a single Lox will eat up a bunch of durability on your weapon. Bows are preferred because you’ll be able to easily deal damage while the Lox is running around and not attacking you.

Lox Bite Attack

That one hurt…

Lox Stomp Attack

Updated on March 10, 2021

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