Lox Meat Pie

Lox Meat Pie is a wonderful food and is tied for the best food in Valheim. Lox Meat Pie provides the highest base stats in the game but requires end-game resources to cook. Serpent Stew gives the same stats but can be acquired much earlier, however, lox meat is easier to gather than serpent meat. Tradeoffs…

You will need to defeat Moder and build a Windmill before you can craft the Barley Flour necessary to cook lox meat pie.

Healing (per tick)4
Can be TeleportedYes
Crafting Recipe4 Barley Flour,
2 Cloudberries,
2 Cooked Lox Meat
Crafting StationCauldron
Crafting TimeInstant
Updated on March 11, 2021

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