Longships are the pinnacle of Viking shipbuilding and the best vehicle in Valheim. They slice through the water at breakneck speeds, have tons of space for Vikings to come along for the ride, and can carry an absolutely massive amount of cargo.

You will need to venture into the swamp and chop down some ancient trees before you can make a longship. The 100 iron nails will also require 10 iron bars that come from Sunken Crypts in the swamp.

Longship Stats

Crafting Recipe40 Ancient Bark,
10 Deer Hide,
40 Fine Wood,
100 Iron Nails
Crafting StationHammer
Crafting TimeInstant
Seats4 + bow + mast
Cargo Space18 slots
Ship Length22 m
Ship Width6 m (sail 10 m)
Ship Height12 m

Tips for Sailing with the Longship

Cargo does not affect ships the same way it affects carts. Your ship will retain full maneuverability even if it’s stuffed to the gills with ores.

Longships turn from the back, meaning the back of the ship will turn before the front. This is true for all ships, but most noticeable on the longships. This is the opposite of driving a car, in case that’s familiar to you.

To sail around rocks or dock your ship, you will need to practice a little. My suggestion is that once the front of your ship is where you want it, start turning to swing the back around.

When docking, that means you can come in at an angle and then make a big turn, closing the angle with the back of your ship. Here’s a video showing this in action:

Updated on March 15, 2021

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