Linen Thread

Linen Thread is a critical end-game material. It’s made at a Spinning Wheel from Flax and you will need the thread to make end-game equipment, like padded armor. Linen thread is the limiting factor in most end-game items because it can be hard to accumulate flax.

Spinning wheels slowly refine flax into thread and you will want to get the process started long before you need the linen thread. It will take several minutes to craft a few threads.

Can be TeleportedYes
Crafting Recipe1 Flax
Crafting StationSpinning Wheel
Crafting Time30s
Used InBlackmetal Atgeir,
Blackmetal Axe,
Blackmetal Knife,
Blackmetal Sword,
Linen Cape,
Padded Armor,
Updated on October 18, 2021

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