Leather Scraps

Leather scraps are one of the core resources in Valheim. They are dropped by boars and are used in tons of crafting recipes. Leather scraps are a low-quality material that is easily gathered, but you will need them throughout the game.

Can be TeleportedYes
Used InAbyssal Harpoon,
Abyssal Razor,
Black Banner,
Blue Banner,
Bronze Axe,
Bronze Mace,
Bronze Atgeir,
Bronze Sword,
Cape of Odin,
Crude Bow,
Flint Knife,
Flint Spear,
Green Banner,
Hood of Odin,
Iron Atgeir,
Iron Mace,
Iron Sword,
Iron Axe,
Ooze Bomb,
Rag Pants,
Rag Tunic,
Red Banner,
Tanning Rack,
White and Red Striped Banner,
Wood Tower Shield,
Wood Shield
Updated on March 15, 2021

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