The Karve is the first proper ship you can craft in Valheim. It’s faster than a raft, has room for several friends, and a small cargo space.

This should be your first sailing vessel unless you committed the sin against Odin that is building a raft… You will need to save up four bronze and chop down a few birch trees to get the fine wood required, but Karves are well worth the cost.

Crafting Recipe80 Bronze Nails,
10 Deer Hide,
30 Fine Wood,
20 Resin
Crafting StationHammer
Crafting TimeInstant (over water)
Seats2 + mast
Cargo Space4 slots
Ship Length10 m
Ship Width3 m (sail ??? m)
Ship Height8 m

With a Karve, you can effectively traverse any waterway. You can begin making long voyages and explore the ocean. Watch out for sea serpents though, the karve can be destroyed by a sea serpent if you don’t have arrows to defend yourself.

The Karve, along with all other water vehicles must be placed over water with a hammer.

Updated on March 2, 2021

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