Iron Sledge

The Iron Sledge is the best two-handed club in Valheim. It has a massive AOE attack that will knockback your enemies but it has low DPS. The iron sledge is, unfortunately, quite ineffective compared to its alternatives, which makes 2H Clubs one of the worst weapon-types in Valheim.

If you’re still in love with the cool-factor and want to smash your way through the mid-game, you’ll need to conquer some Sunken Crypts to get ahold of the Iron you need to craft and upgrade your sledge.

The Iron Sledge is one of the harder items to craft because it requires a Draugr Elite Trophy and Ymir Flesh in addition to a fat stack of iron.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge10 Ancient Bark,
1 Draugr Elite Trophy,
30 Iron,
4 Ymir Flesh

Iron Sledge Statblock

Block Armor28
Parry Bonus2x
Movement Speed-20%
Attack Speed2.12 s

Iron Sledge Upgrade Table

DamageBlunt: 55Blunt: 61Blunt: 67Blunt: 73
Block Force (Blocking Knockback)50607080
Recipe10 Ancient Bark,
1 Draugr Elite Trophy,
30 Iron,
4 Ymir Flesh
2 Ancient Bark,
15 Iron,
2 Ymir Flesh
4 Ancient Bark,
30 Iron,
4 Ymir Flesh
6 Ancient Bark,
45 Iron,
6 Ymir Flesh
Crafting Station Level2345
Repair Station Level2222

Iron Sledge Attacks

The Iron Sledge only has one huge AOE attack that replaces its basic attack. There is no special attack.

Updated on October 25, 2021

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