Iron Mace

The Iron Mace is the Iron Age upgrade from the Bronze Mace. It deals tons of damage and is perfect for stomping through the Swamp. The Skeletons and Blobs that you will fight in the swamp are weak to blunt damage, so you should make your mace upgrade as soon as possible.

You will need to defeat The Elder and unlock a few Sunken Crypts to get all the Iron you need because iron weapons are quite expensive.

The iron mace is one of the few “mandatory” weapons in Valheim. We strongly recommend everyone crafts an iron mace to fight Bonemass because Bonemass is resistant to every other damage-type.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge20 Iron,
3 Leather Scraps,
4 Wood

Iron Mace Statblock

Knockback90 (Primary Attack)
180 (Secondary Attack)
Block Armor21
Parry Bonus2x
Stamina10 (Primary Attack)
20 (Secondary Attack)
Movement Speed-5%
Attack Speed2.46 s (Primary Attack)
1.72 s (Secondary Attack)

Iron Mace Upgrade Table

DamageBlunt: 55Blunt: 61Blunt: 67Blunt: 73
Block Force (Blocking Knockback)30354045
Recipe20 Iron,
3 Leather Scraps,
4 Wood
10 Iron20 Iron30 Iron
Crafting Station Level2345
Repair Station Level2222
Updated on October 25, 2021

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