Invasions will trigger in Valheim depending on how far you have progressed in the game, attacking your base with different kinds of monsters. There are two different types of invasions:

  • Boss Armies
  • Monster Invasions

Invasions can start happening after you have built a base: Classified as a Campfire, Workbench, and Bed. They will also only occur when you are near a base (or anyone else on the server).

Boss Armies

Boss Armies will trigger depending on which Boss is next in your path. For instance, if you haven’t killed Eikthyr, you can face Forest Creature Invasions. If you have killed Eikthyr but haven’t killed The Elder, you can face Greydwarf Invasions.

MessageCreaturesStarts AfterStops After
“Eikthyr rallies the creatures of the forest”Boar,
Building a BaseKilling Eikthyr
“The forest is moving…”GreydwarfKilling EikthyrKilling The Elder
“A foul smell from the swamp”Draugr,
Killing The ElderKilling Bonemass
“A cold wind blows from the mountains”DrakeKilling BonemassKilling Moder
“The smell of sulfur fills the air”SurtlingKilling ModerKilling Yagluth

Monster Invasions

Monster Invasions will trigger after fulfilling a monster-based requirement. The most important invasion in this category is the Troll Invasion which can start happening anytime after you’ve killed 2 Trolls.

MessageCreaturesStarts After
“Skeleton Surprise”Skeleton,
Rancid Remains
Killing Bonemass
“The ground is shaking”TrollKilling 2 Trolls
“The smell of sulfur fills the air”SurtlingKilling Bonemass,
Killed 1 Surtling
“You are being hunted”Wolf

Notes on Invasions

Invasions will only trigger if you are near a base, which means you cannot safely go AFK at your base for long periods of time. You can safely go AFK in a Dungeon that’s been cleared of all enemies.

The conditions for Monster Invasions and Boss Armies can be met at the same. It’s common for Troll Invasions to occur intermittently even though Boss Invasions are also triggering. We are not sure yet if more than one invasion can happen simultaneously.

Updated on March 14, 2021

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