Greydwarfs are one of the most commonly encountered monsters in the game. You will find them early and often in the Meadows during the night. However, they primarily reside in the Black Forest. Greydwarfs are part of the Grey Clan and are thus allied with all other Grey-kin and Trolls.

Black Forest
Greydwarf Eye,
Greydwarf Trophy

Greydwarfs drop lots of basic resources and will help pad your supplies. They also are the enemies you’ll face in the first Invasion. If you have trouble fighting them in groups, be sure to build some Fortifications around your base.


Greydwarfs are the rank and file of the Grey Clan and you’ll find several variants fighting alongside them.

Fighting Greydwarfs



Greydwarfs can be pretty dangerous during the early-game. Once you’re able to take down a few Greydwarfs, you’re probably ready to start venturing into the Black Forest. There you’ll encounter the stronger Greydwarf Variants. A group of Greydwarfs with a brute or shaman can be deadly to new adventurers.

When fighting a group of Greydwarfs, it’s best to try and bait out their attack and then counter-attack. Don’t try and tank multiple Greydwarfs until you’re well equipped with some decent Armor.

Be particularly careful of the Greydwarf Shaman. They can heal their allies and have a deadly Poison. Shamans have a decent cooldown on their poison attack and you should be able to kill them while it’s on cooldown. Just make sure you don’t run out of stamina before making the final blow.

Warning: Poisons last a long time in Valheim and will do a surprising amount of damage!

Updated on March 18, 2021

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