Greydwarf Shaman

Greydwarf Shamans are particularly annoying because they Heal their allies and Poison you. They’re easy to spot with a characteristic green glow which is especially visible at night. When encountering a shaman, expect them to approach and then open their arms and spray a cone of poison at you. Be careful, poisons last a long time in Valheim!

LocationBlack Forest
Greydwarf Eye,
Greydwarf Shaman Trophy,
Ancient Seed
Status EffectPoison

Greydwarf Shaman Strategy

Before you try to melee a shaman, make sure you bait out its Poison spray. If you get too close, it’s going to be difficult to dodge and as you know, Poison is extra dangerous in Valheim. The Greydwarf Shaman will also be your first encounter with healers. As with any game, you’re best off focusing down the healer before attacking the rest of their group.

Greydwarf Shaman Abilities

  • Scratch (melee)
  • Poison Spray (cone, ranged)
  • Healing Font (heal, AOE)

Poison Spray seems to have a modest cooldown and you should be able to kill a shaman before they use it again. It doesn’t have a long range, but it’s tough to dodge laterally since it’s a cone. Your best bet is to get close enough that the shaman starts using the ability, back off, and then press the attack (after the cloud has faded).

Healing Font is a sizeable area-of-effect heal that will apply a heal-over-time to any members of the Grey Clan within its range. You’ll then notice green healing numbers over each creature that’s healing.

Updated on March 13, 2021

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