Fulings are small but deadly. They’re little goblins native to the Plains biome. Fulings build camps and roam the plains in scouting parties. There are two variants of the normal Fulings and there are two other variants: Fuling Shaman and Fuling Berzerker.

You should be extremely careful when encountering Fulings, especially if it’s your first time in the Plains. Fulings are smarter than other monsters and deal tons of damage — you can even be staggered by fulings. When you engage fulings, it’s best to be extra cautious since it only takes a few hits to be killed.

Fuling Camp
DropsBlack Metal Scrap

Fuling Variants

Fuling warriors are the most common variant and can be seen wielding all sorts of weaponry and sometimes carry shields — but they never block.

Fuling spearman are more dangerous than their warrior counterparts. They are unable to melee with their spears but they can throw them. If you get within melee range, the spearman will continue to walk alongside you. Warning: It is almost impossible to dodge their spears at close range.

Fuling Shaman are formidable spellcasters. They can cast an AOE shield that will break after a few hits. They also cast long-range fireballs that explode on impact and are extremely accurate at close range.

Fuling Berzerkers are a larger variant of Fuling. We recommend fighting them with a Bow; they’re not very fast and can be killed before they get within melee range. They have two attacks that deal tons of damage. Watch out for their roar, it signals they are about to start a 3-hit combo.

Fuling Strategy

Engaging Fulings can be tricky because they deal much more damage than the other monsters you encounter in Valheim. If your Armor is not up to the task, you can be staggered and killed really quickly. Make sure to eat lots of good food, you’ll probably want over 100hp.

We recommend baiting out a fuling’s attack before delivering a counter-attack of your own. Don’t get greedy and go for more hits if you are low health or have anything worse than a full set of Iron Armor. Continue this process until it’s dead.

When fighting a group of fulings, it’s going to be more difficult to bait out the attacks. You want each of them to swing at you almost simultaneously, otherwise, you’re going to get hit when you try to attack. You might have to retreat a bit to draw the fulings closer together because they tend to encircle you when close.

Fighting a Fuling Warrior
Fighting a Fuling Spearman

Updated on March 9, 2021

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