Fuling Totem

Fuling Totems are ritual figurines coveted by the Fulings in the Plains of Valheim. They are used to summon the final boss, Yagluth. You will need to collect 5 totems and place them on Yagluth’s altar to summon him.

Fuling Totems are not used in any crafting but are nice decorations that give off a purplish glow. Place a few on your mantle and you’ll make all the goblins jealous.

Fuling Totem Info

Can be TeleportedYes
Dropped ByFuling Berserker,
Fuling Shaman,
Fuling Totem Stand
Used InSummoning Yagluth

Collecting Fuling Totems

Fulings are very fond of their totems and will display them on large stands made of bone. You will only find these in Fuling Camps, where 0-3 will spawn. Even large fuling camps may not have any totems.

When you find a camp without fuling totems, you should still slaughter all the inhabitants. Berserkers and shamans will drop totems (although infrequently). But don’t worry if they seem uncommon.

You are not supposed to be able to easily find all the five totems to spawn Yagluth. The designers intended on players conquering many camps before discovering the location of Yagluth and collecting all the totems required to summon him.

Updated on October 22, 2021

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