Fuling Camp

Fuling Camps are notable locations found in the plains biome in Valheim. They have unique architecture and are guarded by fulings. Fuling Camps are essentially open-air dungeons that must be conquered to progress. You need the flax grown by fulings to craft end-game items in Valheim but you can actually farm it yourself after you’ve stolen some from the fulings.

Every variation of fuling location is protected by fulings, but only the camps and fortresses are guarded by Fuling Berserkers or Fuling Shamans. Don’t let that lower your guard, however, regular fulings can easily slaughter even well-equipped adventurers, and close-quarters with a couple of fulings is a quick trip to Valhalla.

Fuling Camp Variations

Fuling locations are densely populated and quite dangerous. Be careful when approaching a fuling camp or fortress because scouting parties often wander around on the outskirts and if you engage the fulings in the camp, you could be unwittingly sandwiching yourself between the scouting party behind you and the camp itself.

There is a wide variety of fuling structures and locations which we categorize into the following three variations:

  • Fuling Tower
  • Fuling Camp
  • Fuling Fortress

Fuling Tower

Fuling Towers are singleton structures made of stone and have multiple levels. They’re similar to the stone towers found elsewhere in Valheim except they’re fully operational and stuffed with fulings. It’s best to draw them out into the open before engaging, but there’s usually one or two that refuse to leave the upper floors.

Fuling Camp

Fuling Camps have several bone watchtowers, huts, and some farms. They almost always have a bonfire which makes them easy to spot from a distance. They are the most prevalent fuling location and are often protected by 1-3 berserkers and a shaman or two. Fuling camps are wide open and can be tackled in many different ways. We usually draw them out with arrows or attack one group of fulings at a time — they generally wander in small groups.

Fuling Fortress

Fuling Fortresses are differentiated from camps by improved fortifications and several towers. They look more formidable but are functionally quite similar to fuling camps. The main difference is that the towers are manned by fulings that are ready for action.

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