Fuling Berserker

Fuling Berserkers are giant goblins that guard Fuling Camps in the Plains of Valheim. They look very frightening but are laughably easy to kill with archery. Once you engage a berserker they will start stomping towards you and then roar, which makes it even easier to fill them with arrows.

Berserkers only spawn around Fuling Camps and the even larger Fuling Fortresses. You won’t see them as part of scouting groups or roaming around the plains. This makes them less threatening because you can almost always engage them on your own terms.

To be honest, we’ve never had a fuling berserker get within melee range. I’ll head out to the plains soon and get that intel for you though.

Fuling Camp,
Fuling Fortress
DropsBlack Metal Scrap,
Fuling Totem,
*This is a tactical weakness, not a damage-type weakness.
Updated on March 14, 2021

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