Frostner is one of the most powerful weapons in Valheim. The combination of Frost and Spirit damage makes Frostner effective against most enemies. Even players that don’t use clubs may find it worthwhile to make Frostner because it’s one of the most effective weapons against Yagluth.

You will need to make a trip to Haldor the Trader to purchase the Ymir Flesh needed to craft Frostner. It’s one of the few items in the game that requires Ymir Flesh.

IconCrafting StationRecipe
Forge10 Ancient Bark,
5 Freeze Gland,
30 Silver,
5 Ymir Flesh

Frostner Statblock

Knockback120 (Primary Attack)
240 (Secondary Attack)
Block Armor30
Parry Bonus2x
Stamina12 (Primary Attack)
24 (Secondary Attack)
Movement Speed-5%
Attack Speed2.46 s (Primary Attack)
1.72 s (Secondary Attack)

The frost damage applied by Frostner will slow enemies up to the point their completely frozen and unable to attack. This condition alone makes Frostner a contender for best weapon in Valheim.

The spirit damage applied by Frostner burns enemies with spirit fire which is particularly effective against undead such as Skeletons, Draugr, Wraiths, etc.

Frostner will surround you with a frosty aura. These are simply particle effects and are only aesthetic.

Frostner Upgrade Table

DamageBlunt: 35,
Frost: 40,
Spirit: 20
Blunt: 35,
Frost: 46,
Spirit: 20
Blunt: 35,
Frost: 52,
Spirit: 20
Blunt: 35,
Frost: 58,
Spirit: 20
Block Force (Blocking Knockback)30354045
Recipe10 Ancient Bark,
5 Freeze Gland,
30 Silver,
5 Ymir Flesh
15 Silver30 Silver45 Silver
Crafting Station Level3456
Repair Station Level3333
Updated on October 25, 2021

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