Frost Resistance Mead

Frost Resistance Mead is the key to conquering the mountains in Valheim. It will protect you from the freezing conditions in the mountains for 10 minutes. The mead base is crafted at the cauldron with materials you’ll get in the swamp.

You will need to refine the mead base in a fermenter for 2 days but you’ll receive a stack of 6 frost resistance mead for your efforts. Frost resistance mead can be consumed without a tankard, which saves one inventory space when adventuring.

Crafting Recipe1 Mead Base: Frost Resistance Mead
Makes6 Frost Resistance Mead
Base Recipe10 Honey,
2 Bloodbag,
1 Greydwarf Eye,
5 Thistle
Crafting StationFermenter
Crafting Time2 days
Condition Icon
ConditionResistance: Frost (600s)
Drinking Frost Resistance Mead

Updated on March 2, 2021

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