Food is absolutely crucial in Valheim. You won’t starve, but food provides massive benefits to health and stamina. Cooking Stations are used for cooking most foods and they are combined in a Cauldron to make even more powerful recipes.

You can have 3 foods in your tummy at once and the effects will degenerate over the food’s duration. During the last stretch of the duration, the food icon will start blinking. At this point, you can replace the blinking food item.

Since you cannot continuously eat in Valheim, you need to plan ahead depending on what you’re doing. For instance, eating a variety of berries won’t be ideal for a boss fight, meats or soups would be better.

There is a huge power difference between simple foods and advanced foods, and players should try and get ahold of some good food as early as possible. This will require you to construct a small farm and apiary to collect the plants and honey needed in cauldron recipes. Take a look at our page on Farming to learn more about preparing your food garden.

Table of All Food Items

IconItem NameCrafting StationHealthStaminaHealingDuration (s)
Blood PuddingCauldron905042400
Carrot SoupCauldron206021500
Cooked FishCooking Station452521200
Cooked Lox MeatCooking Station704032000
Cooked MeatCooking Station403021200
Cooked Serpent MeatCooking Station709032000
Fish WrapsCauldron609042400
Grilled Neck TailCooking Station352021000
Lox Meat PieCauldron808042400
Queens JamCauldron304021200
Serpent StewCauldron808042400
Turnip StewCauldron505021600
Yellow Mushroom20201600
Updated on March 14, 2021

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